Eminentec’s investment approach is to seek both sustainable financial returns and scalable positive social impact, through dividend and value investing, sustainable and responsible investing. We always take into consideration environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as part of our fundamental analysis, since we believe that these factors can carry risks that could affect our environment and broader economy, as well as diminish potential investment returns. 

We invest in businesses with growth potential, strong cash generative ability, healthy dividend flow and positive social impact.

We solely rely on individual analysis and cut out all the noise and majority opinion in the financial markets. We conduct own research, technical and fundamental analysis from which we base investment decisions. We look at what are the actual underlying drivers of profits in businesses, such as competitive environment, market, demographic etc. We maintain long-term investment horizons with growth passion, through various cyclical analysis with no pressure to exit. We also maintain a well-diversified investment portfolio to ensure stability and security against market uncertainties. 

We believe stock market is one of the human activities that reflect so much emotions. Sometimes people get too excited or pessimistic and turn to focus on the short-term market movements rather than long-term and the actual business. When people get too negative and emotional about stock prices and economic trends, they might sell the stock down which gives us an opportunity to buy the stock at a great price when we look through cyclical analysis.


Financial Services
Insurance & Investment Banking

Real Estate
REITs & Income Properties

Electronics & Telecommunications

Coal, Gold, Diamond & Platinum

Food & Clothing Retailers

Crop Production & Mixed Farming


We are very strategic about how we conduct our investments. We seek to generate long-term compound superior investment returns in our portfolio. We seek to buy shares that we believe are undervalued and sell them when they trend towards their intrinsic value or fair value. We also aim to grow and hold significant stakes in different investee companies across various economic sectors.

We seek to acquire board membership and active high-level management input through our investments in different investee companies.

We seek ongoing investment opportunities with focus on listed and unlisted equities, real estate investments and derivative instruments. We aim to muximise portfolio returns through risk diversification, long-term strategic view and growth passion. We also seek to have a scalable positive impact both socially and economically through sustainable and responsible investing.




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