UNISA Graduation Ceremony 2019 (Youth Empowerment).

It was a big day for Manqoba Madi, a young man from Mpumalanga (Ermelo) achieving his BCom Degree at UNISA – The University of South Africa on 11th November 2019. He never forgot to invite Mr Wiseman Zondi who is his mentor in building a career in finance and investment management. Prior completing his degree, Manqoba had already wrote & passed his FSCA Regulatory Examination (RE5) and he was introduced to this career field by Wiseman, who also assisted him throughout exam preparation. This exam (RE5) allows new entrance in the financial services industry (Banking and Insurance Sectors). Quote from Wiseman, “The future is bright for this ambitious young man and I am very proud of him. I really enjoyed interacting with him throughout his studies at UNISA. As part of Eminentec’s Youth Empowerment Program tackling jobs creation and providing study assistance to the youth of South Africa, Manqoba Madi has set the record.”

GREAT NEWS! Early February 2020 Manqoba informed Wiseman that he has been appointed at Capitec Bank as a Service Consultant. Indeed the future is bright for our young South African generation with proper career guidance, support and motivation.

“Leadership & Mentorship Personified.”